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HWS Chalcogenide Infrared Glass
HWS Chalcogenide Infrared Glass

  Be regarded as the core lens for the new generation of temperature adaptive infrared optical system, HWS chalcogenide infrared glass has the characteristics of excellent infrared transmittance, low dispersion and low thermal refractive index coefficient. It can be used with other infrared optical materials and applied to infrared optical system which needs chromatic aberration correction. Working wavelength range is (3-5)μm and (8-12)μm. This series of glass can be used in infrared night vision, infrared temperature measurement, infrared guidance, infrared detection and other fields.

  The glass is available in the form of spherical lens, gob and blocks with diameter <150mm.

The glass is available in the form of spherical polished lens, gob and blocks with diameter 150mm. The specifications are shown in the following table


  Supply forms:  

Biplanar blanks spherical blanks


OD(outer diameter): Φ(2100mm


Optical components

Supply forms:

Spherical polished lenspolished gob


Spherical polished lens:Φ(5100mm

Polished gob:Φ(120mm

Note: other supply forms and dimensions upon request. Please contact us.

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