About us

At a glance

   CDGM was founded in Chengdu, 1956. 

Our business 

    For more than 60 years of R&D and manufacturing of optical materials, CDGM has become a leading company in domestic market.

    CDGM optical glass production and sales volume come out in front in the global market.

    CDGM supplies more than 240 types of optical glass in forms of strips, pressings, aspheres, which serve the global markets including Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, as well as Southeast Asia.

    CDGM has established long-term business relations with its customers which are playing important roles in their industries.

    The optical glass CDGM offers has been mainly used in cameras, mobile phones, projectors, cctv , and automotive monitoring system. 

    Besides, CDGM also supplies specialty glass, technical glass, as well as precious metal used in industries of aerospace, new energy, pharmacy, engineering, etc.. 

Our customers

    Leica , Canon, Nikon, Sony, Tamron, Sunny Optical, Epson, OPPO, etc.


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No. 359, Chenglong Avenue, LongQuan YI District,Chengdu,SichuanProvince,China