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Radiation Shielding Glass
Radiation Shielding Glass

  Radiation shielding glass refers to the special glass that has the function of shielding x-ray, γ-ray and other radioactive rays. Normally, radiation shielding glass is high lead glass; it is mainly used in the situations where radiation protection is required, such as protective devices or observation windows for radiation medicineand observation windows for nuclear industry.

  Radiation shielding glass can be divided into 2 types according to different purposes


Shielding glass for visual image  transfer

Shielding glass for observation

Quality requirements

Specified shielding propertieshigh optical quality

Specified shielding propertiesvisual observation

  The company offers radiation shielding glass with different lead equivalentsuch as ZF2,ZF3,ZF6,ZF7,ZF7L,ZF13 and ZF52.

    CDGM radiation shielding glass is available in the form of stripsblocksgobsplatespressed blanks, cut blanks as well as optical components.

  Lead equivalent: the key indicator of shielding performance of lead glass;

Lead equivalent=(Lead Thickness)/(Glass Thickness)

  *Lead thickness: thickness for lead plate which has the same absorptive capacity as specified glass thickness (for 60Coγ rays) 

  Irradiation stability: the difference of white light transmittance before and after specified dose irradiation of 1cm thickness glass sample.

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