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Chemical Strengthening Glass
Chemical Strengthening Glass

  MJB5 high strength crystal glass is a glass that can easily form a compressive stress layer on the glass surface by chemical means to increase the strength of glass. It can be widely used for mobile phone cover glass, watch lens, and so on. The company offers colourless MJB5 and colored MJB5 suitable for chemical strengthening; the glass has the following advantages:

● High strength, chemically enhanced strength is better than sapphire.

● Suitable for thin products

● The machining cost is similar to that of ordinary glass products, which will not increase the cutting cost.

  The supply form of this product includes 0.2mm~ 1.0mm sheet and glass strip blank, and it also can be customized according to customer requirements.

  Ordinary glass will break when physical strength increases to a certain extent, this is due to the fragile natural properties of glass under tension. However, if the compressive stress layer is formed on the surface of the glass, the strength of the glass will be strengthened obviously, and the glass will not break if it does not exceed its compression stress.

  The strengthening of thin glass products is usually carried out by chemical tempering. Ion exchange is a chemical tempering method to effectively enhance the strength of glass. This method is to exchange Li+ and Na+ with smaller ion radius in glass by K+ with larger ion radius in molten salt; through ion exchange, a compressive stress layer is formed on the surface of glass so as to enhance the strength of glass.

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