Lighting aspherical lens
Lighting aspherical lens
Lighting aspherical lens

  The company offers lighting aspherical lens made of H-K51, H-F4, H-BaK7, H-K9L, H-PZ33 and other optical materials. The products have high transmittance and surface accuracy, excellent optical properties, high temperature resistant and aging resistance. It is widely used in automotive headlamps, projectors, stage lighting, electronic products protection covers and other fields.

  With the advantages of full industrial chain, the company can meet the demands of different customers, and provide customized products according to customer requirements:

● Optical glass raw material production 

● Aspheric perform manufacture

● Aspheric lens precision molding

● Lens coring

● Lens coating 

● Full production capacity 

● All-aspect optical testing capability 

Technical requirements of aspheric lens


Technical   requirement



Surface defects


Curved surface deviation


Deviation of boundary dimension



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