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QB NIR Cut-off Filter Glass
QB NIR Cut-off Filter Glass

 QB NIR cut-off filter glass refers to the filter glass whose chromaticity coordinate is located in blue region of the chromaticity diagram. This glass can improve the image definition and color fidelity by cutting NIR light above 700nm. It is suitable for CCD/CMOS image sensors used in cameras, mobile phones, CCTV, etc.

 We supply QB5 NIR cut-off filter glass, including QB50A、QB52、QB53、QB54、QB55、QB56、QB58 ,etc.  

  The company has also developed QB6 and QB7 NIR cut-off filter glass.QB6 can achieve better suppression of IR light and good transmission of visible light.QB7 has better mechanical properties and processing properties.

 Supply forms: cut blanks, optical components, etc. 

 It can be customized according to customer requirements. Details please contact us. 

 Filter glass:Various colored glasses which can absorb or transmit the spectrum selectively.

 Selective absorption filter glass: Filter glass whose transmission curve has specific peaks and valleys.

 Blue filter glass: The chromaticity coordinate is located in blue region in chromaticity diagram; it is a kind of selective absorption filter glass.

λT50%: Corresponding wavelength at 50% spectral transmittance at a given thickness.

 Transmittance diagram of different series of NIR cut filter glass. 

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