Optical Glass
Special Flint Glass
Special Flint Glass

  We supply special flint glass TF3、H-TF3L、H-TF5,etc. Effectively eliminate secondary spectrum of optical system. Significantly improve the imaging quality & geometric accuracy. Greatly simplify the structure of optical system. Meet the performance demands of high-accuracy optical systemMeet the performance demands of long focal length, LFOV (larger field of view) application.

  CDGM special flint glass is available in the form of glass blanks, pressed blanks, cut blanks as well as optical components.

Glass blanks

    Supply forms:    




Blocksupon request of customers

Pressed blanks


OD(outer diameter): Ф7mmФ350mm

CT (center thickness): 1.1mm50mm


OD(outer diameter): Ф3.2mmФ10mm


Cut blanks

Round plates:

OD(outer diameter): Ф2.5mmФ150mm

CT(center thickness): 0.5mm50mm

Cut prisms

Min edge length5mm

Max edge length150mm

Optical components

Supply forms:

upon request of customers

  Notes:The supply forms and dimensions depend on glass type. Please contact us.

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